Caverns and crystal clear waters of Vava’u

How is it to dive in crystal clear waters Tonga’s northern archipelago Vava’u? Most of the people are familiar with Vava’u for majestic hump back whales but there’s gorgeous diving too! Vava’u underwater topography is dramatic: many small caverns and swimthroughs and excellent visibility. During our stay in October visibility was constantly 30 to 40 meters (or even more), even though we had many windy days and huge South Pacific waves. Diving in Vava’u is different compared to my favourite diving spots in Indonesia: the underwater scenery is dominated by hard corals and the diversity and colours aren’t as abundant as in the best dive sites I have encountered in Indonesia.

Diving conditions

During our stay the sea water was constantly comfortable 27c degrees, which is a bit warmer for the season than usually. Anyway, especially for winter months (June to September) I would recommend to pack something warmer than just a 3 mm wetsuit in case of cooler sea water. Are there currents? We felt that diving here was easy — nearly no currents at all. Anyway, an AOWD certification is recommended as most of the dives were below 18 meters.

Dive Tonga

We explored four different dive sites with a very professional dive operator Dive Tonga which I can warmly recommend for everyone. We were very happy with their customer service, dive guiding, safety and of course their bigger and well equipped boat which was very welcome during windy days. We left 8.00 in the morning for a two tank dive and returned around 13.00.

Dive sites we visited

China Town was our first dive in Tonga and Vavau! This dive site gets its name from pagoda-like coral formations. Lots of christmas tree worms here.

Swallows Cave is one of the most amazing caves I have ever seen. This cave seems to have always thousands of sardines, which look especially magical when looking at them from the bottom of the cave. This place works very well for snorkeling and freediving. We did one dive at Swallows Cave and spent one hour just snorkeling on the next day.

No Worries is a dive site on the western side of Vava’u archipelago. This is a quite deep site: we went down to 30-40 meters with amazing visibility and massive coral formations again.

I’ll definitely come back to see the underwater world of Vava’u again!


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